I've changed Jessie's rival to Cassidy instead of Ash. She started with a Rattata. *lol*

Also, some of the role reversing things I do may not seem to make much sense now, but I have methods to my madness.

Much much thanks to CrimpJo for providing me with a script for the first half of this episode.

"I like dis episode, I get ta be in it at last!"

"But the writer hasn't seen even SEEN half this episode."

"Stop bein' so picky. I'm sure it'll be great."

"Why're you sure of that?"

"I'm in it, of course!"

Role Reversal
by Leto
Episode 4 - Showdown in Pewter City

Misty and Brock are digging a hole with the help of Brock's Geodude. Togepi is nowhere in sight.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite... *puff* all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils... of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."



"Team Omanyte splash off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"


"They'll come this way for sure," said Misty, as they finally finished. She leaned on her spade and wiped her forehead. Brock looked a bit edgy.

"So what. Misty, can we just sit this episode out? I hate this place."

"What are you talking about, Brock? Team Omanyte NEVER gives up! We have to get our revenge!"

"Revenge? What did they do now?"

Misty sniffled slightly. "My... poor Togepi."

There is a flashback to the last episode. Misty and Brock duck on the ground, covering their heads in an attempt at self defense as dozens of Beedrill divebomb them. Togepi, on the ground nearby, cannot even put up such a vain defense as that.

When the Beedrill finally let up and begin to fly away, Misty limps toward her Topepi. It doesn't move.

Back in the present, Misty narrowed her eyes.

"We'll get them for that."

Brock sighed as he began patting down grass over the trap. "Uh huh. Let's do it here, outside of Pewter, then."

"That was the plan."

Misty stood back and surveyed the trap.

"That's very nice," she said happily.

"Geodude, return!" called Brock, as his Pokemon finished its job.

"They'll never see this. It's so good I can hardly see it myself."

"Okay, let's go wait by the roadside."

Misty followed Brock, but predictably stepped onto a patch of grass that she'd just patted down, and the trap caved in beneath her.

"Ackackack!" she shrieked as she fell into the pit they had just dig, and landed in the dirt, coughing.


Brock sighed and sweatdropped.


"Alright, Ekans, let's go get our first badge!"


Jessie, Ekans and James walked down a path leading to the city that held the Boulderbadge.

"James, why are you still following us?"

James sniffled. "Don't you want me with you?"


"SSHA!" (NO!)

"Fine, I can see when I'm not wanted."

The three kept walking (or slithering, in Ekans' case).

Presently, Jessie asked "why are you still here, James?"

"I can see when I'm not wanted, but that doesn't mean I'll acknowledge it."

The other two facefaulted.

"Fine, looks like we're stuck with Mr bad-fashion-sense. Or Miss bad-fashion-sense as the case may be. Why don't you get a haircut, James?"

"Could ask YOU the same thing, you know."

She hit him. "My hair is cool."

"Looks like you got your head stuck in a fairy floss maker."

"Cotton candy. We're in America."

"No we're not."

"Where are we then?"


"Why are we speaking English then?"

Ekans glared at them. "Ekans ekans." (Who cares, just go with it.)

It kept slithering, and paused after a moment to turn and look back at the other two. They'd stopped walking.

"Kanss!" (Come on!)

Jessie glared at the Pokemon. "YOU GLARED AGAIN, EKANS!"

Ekans sweatdropped, and would have facefaulted but it was paralysed again too.

"This is ridiculous," muttered Jessie, "as soon as this wears off I'm going straight to the Pokemart to get some paralysis heal."

She managed to move to the side of the road, so that people wouldn't trip over her, and sat/fell down on a rock.

"Hey, lady," came a voice, "don't sit on the merchandise."

Jessie would've turned if she could have. "I can't move, so if you want to get rid of me, you'll have to do something about it yourself."

A man walked around so that he was facing her, and handed her a paralysis heal. She sprayed it with some relief, then hit Ekans over the head. Then she turned to the man.

"What did you mean, your merchandise? I was sitting on a rock."

"I sell rocks."

She stared at him, but his gaze didn't break. Her shoulders shook with laughter.

"You're... serious... You sell rocks? Hahaha... that's imaginative... you must have... hahaha... a big customer base."

That finished her and she fell on the ground laughing hysterically.

He scowled. "Oh, shut up. At least I HAVE a job."

She stopped laughing. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing." He whistled innocently.

"I don't have time to stand around being insulted. Let's go, James, Ekans."

"That's gratitude for you," snapped the man. Then he called after them. "Wait, don't you want to buy a rock! You sat on my merchandise and used up one of my paralysis heals! Come back and pay up!"

But Jessie and her 'friends' were gone.


Jessie stopped outside a Pokemon Center - which she had already passed three times - and sweatdropped.

"Gah, I can't find the stupid Pokemart anywhere. You two are pretty heavy, we should probably rest."

Jessie dragged James and Ekans into the Pokemon Center and dumped them on the counter.

"Could we have some paralysis heal, please?" she said, before collapsing onto a couch.

Two Chansey moved to help James and Ekans, and Jessie checked her watch.

"Three hours before the gym closes. We don't really have time to go shopping. Just everyone - watch your tempers. Don't glare."

The other two nodded, sweatdropping. They both had paralysis heal sprayed on them, and got a warning from Nurse Joy.

"I know you guys. You helped out at the Viridian City Pokemon Center, didn't you? I've heard good things about you."

"Yeah. So why are you over here?" asked Jessie, "do you often work in two different cities?"

"Oh, no. That was my sister. I'm an older Nurse Joy."

"I... see. If she's your sister, why are you both called Joy? Wouldn't your parents get confused?"

Joy sweatdropped. "Uh... er... I think I'm needed in the ER."

"But the ER is empty-"

Jessie trailed off as Nurse Joy abruptly left the room.

As they turned to leave, Jessie saw a poster on the wall.

"Pokemon League Regional Championships," she read. "Good, they're accepting applications until October. I should be able to get all the badges by then."

James made a choking noise and she glared at him. Chansey sweatdropped and gave him another paralysis heal.

It thought again, before dumping a large supply of paralysis heals in James' arms.

"Thanks, Chansey," he grinned, pocketing some and giving the rest to Jessie.

Jessie picked up her snake Pokemon and began to head outside.

"Uhh, Jess?" called James.

"Don't call me that," warned Jessie.

"Before we go, could we get a bite to eat?"


Jessie watched James with blue shock lines on her face. His 'bite to eat' consisted of a hamburger, two bags of fries, a miniture pizza, hot dog, ice cream sundae and a large Diet Coke.

She picked up his Diet Coke and raised her eyebrows at him, questioningly. He shrugged.

"I have to watch my figure."

She facefaulted.

Ekans sat on the table, 'slucking' up spaghetti from a huge plate, with the air of a connessieur. It hissed happily as it bit into a meatball.

"This is the life, huh Ekans?" said James happily, taking a bite of three different things at once.

Jessie sighed at her friends as she ate one of the rice cakes she'd ordered. "You two are gluttons," she sighed.

"I prefer to call it a healthy appetite."

"What's so healthy about clogged arteries?"

James got a small sweatdrop.

"Anyway, you two. Finish up soon, I gotta go get a Boulderbadge from the gym leader."

"You really think you can win? Jess, gym leaders aren't just any trainers. They're meant to be the best. And you don't have any good Pokemon."

Ekans bit James, before going back to its spaghetti.

"I'm not worried," said Jessie nonchalantly, "if I have any problems, I can just cheat."

James sweatdropped. "Then you'll get disqualified. Jess, if you ask me really nicely, I'll let you borrow one of my Pokemon!"

"I'm not sucking up to you. And stop calling me Jess. James, your Pokemon, whatever they are, can't be worth much because you've never used them before. Besides, I can win all by myself! Ekans will do fine!"

"But the gym leader uses rock Pokemon in Pewter."

"We'll still do fine! Thanks for your faith in us, James! Come on Ekans, let's go!"

Ekans protested as Jessie grabbed it and started to walk off. It shot pitiful glances back at its plate of spaghetti.

"Oh, Jessie!" called James.

"What?" she snapped.

"Can I have your rice cakes?"

She facefaulted and left. James took this as a 'yes'. He bolted down the rice cakes and took off after Jessie. He was about to open the door to leave, when he remembered something.

James ran back to the table, finished off Ekans' spaghetti, and then left with a clean conscience.

He ran out onto the street. A few moments later, the restaurant's door opened again and an angry head stuck out from it.

"HEY! Come back here! You didn't pay your bill! COME BACK HERE!"


As Jessie walked down one side of the street with James running behind, on the other side, not noticing them, walked Brock and Misty, looking somewhat bedraggled.

"I don't wanna be here, Misty," said Brock, looking around as if he were afraid.

"Oh, knock it off. That girl Jessie is probably going to challenge the Pewter Gym leader. We can screw up her chances of getting a League badge!"

"Not the gym," groaned Brock, but Misty insisted and he followed her as she set off.

They walked in silence for a couple of minutes.

"Uh... where are we going?" asked Brock, presently.

"To the gym, weren't you listening the first time?"

"But the gym is in the opposite direction."

Misty facefaulted.

"Now you tell me!"


"So, this is Pewter Gym," mused Jessie, standing outside. She felt a fighter's spirit coming over her and pounded a fist into her palm.

"Ready to win, Ekans?"

Ekans nodded happily and flickered its tongue.

"All right then. Let's go."

"Hang on a sec!"

Jessie turned in surprise to see a panting figure.

"Jess... you could... *puff* have waited..."

She grinned. "Sorry James. Ready to watch us win?"

"This should... *puff* be interesting..."

Jessie pushed open the door and stepped into the huge gym, a bit tentatively.

"Uh... hello? Anyone there?"

The gym was dark, but at Jessie's call, a figure was lit up...

"Who goes there?"

Jessie ran a hand through her hair (and consequently came close to breaking her wrist) and struck a pose. It was time, time for melodrama.

"I am Jessie Ketchum, from the town of Pallet! I have come to challenge you for a Boulderbadge, and I fully intend to win!" She spun around, a background falling into place behind her, showing lots of sparkling Boulderbadges. "My Pokemon and I are ready to battle you, and win, for the sake of entering Pokemon League! We are prepared!"

The figure sweatdropped and stepped forward, so that Jessie could see him.

She facefaulted. "My speech is ruined. I gave it to a Pokemon... good thing there's nobody around to see that." She glared at James, who was rolling on the ground laughing, from the corner of her eye.

"Where's your trainer, kitty?"

The Meowth leapt down and scratched her across the face.

"Don't call me dat! And don't patronise me! I'm da trainer of dis gym!"

"But on the door, it says some guy called Flint is..."

"Well, da door is wrong! I beat him in a gym challenge battle, so dis gym is rightfully MINE!"

Jessie massaged her temple. "I can't believe I'm about to battle a CAT. Anyway, I'm ready to fight."

"This is yer first gym battle, I can tell. We'll use three Pokemon each, and if dat's not okay by you, tough."

Jessie glared. "I'm ready. Let's go."

Fortunately, Meowth had experience in dealing with aggressive trainers, so he wasn't affected by Jessie's glare.

"As gym leader, I accept your challenge... not dat I have much choice about dat. Let da match begin!"

"Go, Ekans!" called Jessie, pointing towards Meowth. Ekans leapt through the air and wrapped itself around Meowth, before squeezing tightly.

Meowth sweatdropped. "Not me, you idiot! Fight my Pokemon, not me!"

"Oh, sorry," sweatdropped Jessie, but with a trace of humour in her eyes, "Ekans, stop the attack. Wait for the next Pokemon."

Ekans unwrapped itself, and Meowth smoothed its fur. It didn't look pleased.

Meowth pulled a Pokeball out of nowhere and threw it. From it, a red form appeared.

"Prr," it hissed.

"Okay, I'm no Pokemon expert," said Jessie, "but that does NOT look like a rock Pokemon."

"I can use whateva Pokemon I like! Persian, fury swipes!"

"Oh! Ekans, poison sting!"

The two Pokemon clashed, and Ekans' attack easily slashed into the Persian, knocking it back. The Persian howled painfully.

Meowth smirked. "Never mind that, try biting it!"

Persian leapt at Ekans and bit it hard. Ekans swung its tail away and battered at Persian until it let go. Then Ekans glared at its opponent. Persian sweatdropped but was frozen in place.

"This glare attack is most useful," grinned Jessie. "Okay, Ekans, wra-... er..."

Ekans had ignored her and was continually whipping at Persian with its tail.

"Uh, Ekans, you aren't supposed to know tail whip."

"It's not a technical attack," shrugged James, "but what works works."

Persian, looking quite battered by this stage, looked to Meowth for direction. Meowth, however, was examining its claws carefully.

Persian sweatdropped.

"Finish it off with another poison sting!"

Ekans opened its mouth and its eyes glittered excitedly as it purposefully peppered the paralysed Persian with poisonous prickles. (Nice use of alliteration there.) The Persian fell down, eyes swirling.

"Geez, if this is a gym leader, Ekans and I'll get all the badges for sure!"

Ekans nodded and hissed happily at its victory.

"Don't be so sure," said Meowth, with a grin on its face. "Persian, return. Pokeball, go!"

This time, a Rhyhorn appeared.

"Oh, so you do have rock Pokemon after all," noted Jessie.

"I am running da rock gym, ain't I?"

"Why do you use that Persian if it's so weak and not a rock type?"

"Persians are da evolved form of Meowth."

"Oh, sentimental reasons? I guess you'd like to have one of your own kind around."

Meowth jumped forward and scratched her face. "Own kind nothin'! I jus' love seeing da Persian lose!"

Jessie, James and Ekans all facefaulted.

"Anyway Ekans, get Rhyhorn with poison sting!"

Ekans raised one eyebrow at Jessie, sceptical. Quite a feat, considering it doesn't actually possess eyebrows. Then, it flew towards Rhyhorn, poison sting flashing from its mouth.

Rhyhorn stamped its foot.

"Rhyhorn, use ya horn attack!"

Ekans hissed in alarm to see its poison prickles bouncing off Rhyhorn's stone body without doing much harm. It leapt back, and fortunately was much faster on its feet - figuratively speaking - than the rock Pokemon.

The rhinoceros Pokemon charged at the snake with its horn lowered, to be met with a faceful of poison sting. It blinked in confusion, and one of the prickles drove into its skin.

"Rhyhorn, stop starin' blankly like an idiot. Horn attack!"

Rhyhorn shook its head to clear it, and ran at Ekans, this time, not missing. Ekans was rammed once, and staggered backwards. The rock Pokemon drove in again, and again.

Jessie cringed to see her Pokemon taking so much punishment.

"Hang in there, Ekans," she called, "glare at it!"

"Look away, Rhyhorn!"

Rhyhorn turned its head, and Ekans' favourite attack was ineffective. So it slashed Rhyhorn in the face with its tail and then ducked as the rock Pokemon rose one foot.

"Good, stomp!"

Ekans didn't have a hope of getting away. It shivered slightly as the stone foot came down and landed right on the middle of its back.

"Ekans, return!" gulped Jessie. "Okay, go Spearow!"

The bird Pokemon appeared and flapped its wings quickly. Being of an aggressive nature, it enjoyed fighting.

"Spearow, peck!"

Spearow cringed slightly, but obediently dove down and pecked hard at the Rhyhorn's body. It ended up squawking and rubbing its beak with one wing as it used the other to stay airborne.

"Rhyhorn, horn attack."

Rhyhorn smashed the bird once, before it wisened up and flew out of range. Rhyhorn danced around furiously below, trying to jump to where the bird was. Failing miserably.

"Um, try fury attack, Spearow!"

Spearow crowed before diving at Rhyhorn and tackling it several times. The rock Pokemon didn't seem terribly affected.

"Dis is too easy. Rhyhorn, rock throw!"

Rhyhorn dove into the ground and everyone paused, expectantly. After a moment, a huge boulder came hurtling from the hole, hitting Spearow before crashing to the ground. James jumped out the way and narrowly missed being crushed.

"Meowth!" gloated the cat Pokemon happily, "another opponent bites da dust!"

Spearow lay on the ground, eyes swirling as Persian's had done earlier.

"Spearow, return," sighed Jessie. She bit her lip.

"Alright. Butterfree, your turn!"

Meowth scoffed. "Da flyin' types? You must be real stupid! Rock throw, again!"

James sighed, and prepared to dodge again. This time, however, Rhyhorn's attack completely missed its target, and almost flattened Meowth, instead.

Jessie and James both raised their eyebrows at the gym leader.

"Okay, okay, so dat's not da most accurate attack in da world."

"Yes," agreed Jessie, "hence the fact that this gym is decorated with boulders."

Meowth sweatdropped. "Uh, dat's parta da decor, it is a rock gym."

"Excuses, excuses. Butterfree, confusion!"

"Oh, rock throw again! Until it hits, keep doin' it!"

Rhyhorn threw up several boulders, and Butterfree narrowly missed one, easily avoided another (as it went flying out into the stands) and was flattened by a third.

"Fleee," it bleated pitifully, crawling out from under the rock. Its wings shimmered and Rhyhorn stared at it, confused. Then it roared as its head filled with pain.

"Ha, good going, Butterfree! Now, use sleeping powder!"

"Don't let dat happen, Rhyhorn! Horn attack!"

Butterfree began to fly overhead, with one wing torn, releasing its powder, but Rhyhorn just jumped slightly and crashed hard into Butterfree, effectively fainting it.

Jessie sighed in disappointment, before recalling her third Pokemon.

"Haha, you lose, loser! Try again some other time, dis gym's closin' for da night!"

"It's 4pm."

"Well, Meowth likes ta sleep. Get out."


Jessie sighed in frustration as the gym doors slammed shut behind her. She held an unconscious Ekans in her arms. "That rotten Pokemon, thinks he's so great. I'll beat him some time."

"Hey there!"

Jessie looked up in surprise, to find two posing figures standing on a lamppost.

"Hey there, is that Tuxedo Mask? What are you two doing up there?"

Misty jumped down and landed elegantly in a pose. Brock leapt down and crashed in a painful-looking heap. He held his ankle and winced.

"We're here for revenge."

"You're here for revenge," said Brock, "I'm here 'cos Misty was insistant."

"Not now, guys," snapped Jessie, "I gotta go to the Pokemon Center."

"Not just yet! Because of you, Togepi's gone, and I want to be repaid in full!"

Jessie blinked. "Uh, okay. Here, have Spearow."

She offered the Pokeball to Misty, who sweatdropped.

"You... I won't take it! Give me ALL your Pokemon and ALL your money!"

"You suck at being a villian," said Jessie cooly, "you should've told me you were taking them instead of telling me to hand them over. Because you know, I'm not going to. And there's nothing you can do about it."

Jessie stuck out her tongue before running down the street. Misty was about to run after her, but Brock grabbed her leg.

"Uhh, a little problem, here..." He gestured to his ankle.


"So, you lost to Meowth," said the rock seller she'd met earlier, as Jessie trudged despondently along the street. She'd just returned from the Pokemon Center.

Jessie jumped. "Ah! Where'd you come from? Stalker! STALKER!"

A few people on the streets stared, and the man sweatdropped.

"I am not. Jessie, I want to help you."


"You remind me of me at your age. Plus, you've got a really great pair of -"

"Ehh, okay. That'll do, I think. So, how can you help me? Will you help me power up Ekans so it'll be strong enough to win, in some exciting yet painful looking treatment that works wonders?"

"Nah. Just take this."

The man pressed something into her hand, and then walked off without another word. Jessie sweatdropped.

Then she looked into her palm. A flat, dark brown disk lay there.

"Oh great. He gave me one of his rocks. This should help a LOT."

She scowled, about to throw it away, when she caught sight of a gold engraving.

"TM28. Hmm, wonder what that means?"

She turned to go back to the Pokemon Center.


"Thanks, Nurse Joy," sighed Jessie, taking back her Pokeballs. Ekans immediately draped itself around her neck, looking extremely glad to see her.

She left the Pokemon Center.

"Ekans ekans ekans!" (Don't ever leave me there alone again!)


"Shaaa.... ekans ekans." (Those Chansey are perky enough that they make me want to go injure myself some more.)


They walked in silence for a while. Jessie had no idea where James had gone.

"Oh, Ekans," she said, remembering. "Do you know what this is?"

She pulled the disk out of her pocket. Ekans looked at it, uncertainly. It sniffed it. It poked it with its tail. Finally, it bit it. When it did that, the entire disk glowed, sending its glow over Ekans' body in turn.

Then the disk went black. The gold writing faded. It was just an ordinary rock.

"Uh... that was... interesting..." said Jessie, confused.

The two walked on, to find a hotel.


"Hey! Brock! Brock, is that you?"

Brock, with his leg in a large bandage, groaned as he heard familiar footsteps behind him. Misty looked at him in surprise.

Brock saw the rock seller that Jessie had met.

"Son! It's been a long time!"

The man hugged Brock close, and Brock didn't look thrilled. Misty tried not to laugh.

"Oh! You've finally come home from your quest to find a girlfriend! This must be her! It's nice to meet you, young lady. Brock's quite a catch, isn't he."

Brock blushed and Misty sweatdropped. "Uh, sir, I'm not -"

"You have to come home and meet the family! Brock's a real family man, did I mention that? Come and have dinner with us, and then we can show you the family photo albums, and we can talk about when the wedding will be!"

Misty facefaulted. "Wedding? Hey Brock, I didn't know about -"

"Ehh, it's nothing Misty, absolutely nothing." He leaned towards her so that his face was close and hissed "see why I didn't want to come back here?"

A flash half-blinded them. They turned and blinked at Brock's father.

"EXCUSE ME!" shouted Misty.

"Call me Flint," said Brock's father, "a father-in-law should be on good terms with -"

"Why did you just take a photo?"

"Don't mind me," said Flint, chuckling, "just wanted a nice shot of you two about to kiss! Go on!"

Brock and Misty both groaned.

"Uh, Dad, it was nice to see you again, but Misty and I... uh... have to be ALONE tonight." Brock winked at his father (although how one would notice that is beyond me) and then grinned at Misty, who looked horrified.

"Oh, I understand, son. Make sure you two come and visit us some time while you're home, okay?"

Brock nodded, and Flint left.

As soon as he was out of sight, Misty slapped Brock. "What was THAT about?"

Brock sweatdropped. "Sorry, Misty. I had to get him away. NOW can we leave Pewter?"

"I see your point. We'll catch those two later. Let's go."

And so, Team Omanyte left the episode.


"Alright, Ekans? Do you feel ready to win?"

Ekans sighed. "Ssha." (I guess.)

"Gee, don't sound so enthusiastic. Come on, whatever it was that the old man gave you yesterday must've done SOMETHING."


"Oh well, we can win. Do your best!"


Jessie threw open the door to the gym, and the light shone down on her dramatically.

"I'm back, and ready to win!"


Jessie blinked. "Finally? You were waiting for me to come and beat you?"

"Ekanssss." (Wasn't Meowth's voice.)

Jessie sweatdropped as from the darkness came a figure, descending on her - and glomped on to her arm, looking rather scared.

"You came back! I knew you'd come back!"

She sighed. "James, where where you?"

"The gym got locked up last night and I got locked in."

Jessie laughed helplessly, and was greeted by a glare from James. Ekans instinctively moved for the paralysis heal, but Jessie was becoming more immune.

"Yo! Cat! Where are you?"

A small flurry of dust was seen at the far end of the room, and a feline figure emerged.

"Ehh, back already?"

James sighed. "You wake up when she calls you, but not when I do?"

"I need at least 16 hours of beauty sleep."

"They didn't work," Jessie couldn't help saying.

Meowth slashed her, yet again.

"Look, we're back and we're gonna win," snapped Jessie, "so hurry up, already."

Meowth sighed. "Alright, alright. Three Pokemon apiece. Just 'cos I'm kind - and I love seein' dat thing get slashed ta pieces - I'll give ya an easy challenge to start off with. Go, Persian!"

The Persian appeared and looked dolefully at its master, who just snickered.

"Alright. Spearow, go! Peck, peck, peck, peck! Oh yeah, and throw in a fury attack while you're at it."

Spearow smirked, as much as a bird can, and dove at the cat. Some would call it a suicidal bird, but it was only a minute before the battered Persian fainted.

"Hahaha, loser," snickered Meowth, "Persian, return! Now back to where we were yesterday! Go, Rhyhorn!"

Jessie recalled Spearow and looked at Ekans. "Do your thing. Use whatever that TM28 gave you."

Ekans blinked. It didn't want to lose to the same opponent twice in a row. It thought for a moment.

"Rhyhorn, horn attack!"

Ekans quickly dove underground. Rhyhorn looked around, at a loss, before finding itself tossed into the air as a very determined snake came up underneath it.

Rhyhorn crashed over and looked dazed. Seeing this, Ekans dug a hole again, came back up and this time, the impact sent Rhyhorn into a faint.

Meowth blinked. "Woah... uhh, return!"

Jessie cheered. "Woohoo, way to go Ekans!"

"Orright," sighed Meowth, "final Pokemon, go!"

A Geodude appeared.

"Heh. Ekans, just dig again!"

"Geodude, rock... slide?"

Jessie trailed off as Geodude slid over to where Ekans was - to find the snake not there any more. The snake popped up underneath the boulder and knocked it away. Geodude became confused.

"Haha, we're about to win! Ekans, poison sting attack!"

Ekans slashed at the weakened Geodude, who still refused to faint.

"Tackle, Geodude!"

"Ekans, just get out the way!"

Geodude jumped into the air and landed heavily - on the ground, not on the snake. The heavy landing dazed it sufficiently, and it duly fainted.

Jessie picked up Ekans and the two wore mirrored expressions.

The expression that said 'sucked in, you lost!'

Meowth made a face and reluctantly produced a Boulderbadge.

"Here. I guess you won dis."

"Too right I did!" cheered Jessie, "woohoo! Victory is in my grasp! We are the champions!"


"Nice to know you're not getting a swollen head," muttered James, with a sweatdrop.

"Well, cat, you've lost," came a new voice. Everyone turned in surprise.

"Flint," scowled Meowth.

"The rock seller," said Jessie, in surprise.

"Haha, a rock master who loses to an Ekans, what a loser. Come on cat, get out. This gym is legally MINE once more."

Meowth was about to protest, but was thrown out the front door.

Jessie blinked at Flint. "Uh..."

"I'll admit it, the real reason I helped you was so I could get my gym back. Not to mention that I still think you're really se-"

"Great. Fantastic. Uhh, let's go, Ekans. James."

Jessie grabbed Ekans and walked out the gym, with James close behind.


"There seems to be a cat following us," observed James.

"You're very observant."

"It seems to be Meowth."

"Yes, it does."

Meowth, hearing that they were discussing him, ran up to walk with them.

"So guys, want another travel companion?"

"No," said Jessie and James in unison, and Jessie added: "I already got stuck with the guy with the bad fashion."

James scowled and tried to make his shorts reach further down his legs.

"Too bad," said Meowth, "since I ain't got nowhere else ta go now you beat me, you're stuck with me."

Jessie sighed heavily. "I'm starting to wish I'd stayed in Pallet..."

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